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  1. Impact of Planting Space, Irrigation Pattern and Different Concentration of Fertilizers on the Yield and Yield Related Parameters of Sweet Flag _Acorus calamus Linn_ in South Gujarat April - 2015
  2. Isolation and diversity analysis of Rhizobacteria from sugarcane and its Dec - 2014
  3. Potential Probiotic Escherichia 16 Harboring the vitreoscilla Hemoglobin Gene Improves Gastrointestinal Tract Colonization and Ameliorates Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats.-June 2014
  4. Probiotics an Alternative to Immunosuppressive Drugs-Sep 2014
  5. The P-Type ATPase Mediates Copper Tolerence in Klebsiella pneumoniae IFCu4 Strain Isolated from South Gujarat Industrial Effluents-Dec 2014
  6. Antigungal Ptentialities of Crude Phytoextracts againsts Sugarcane Red Rot Pathogen - Collectotrichum falcatum-Jan 2015
  7. Regulatory T cells in vitiligo Implications for pathogenesis-Jan 2015

Research papers (2014-15)

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  10. Prittesh Patel and Vrutika Lad. (2015) Isolation of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Different Dung Samples and In Vitro Screening for Certain Probiotic Properties. International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews, (In press)

Review papers (2014-15)

  1. Kinjal Patel and Amaresan N. (2014). Antimicrobials compounds from extreme environment Rhizosphere organisms for plant growth. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 3 (7): 651-664.
  2. Meonis Pithawala and Ruchi Parmar (2014). Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation: An Overview and Present Scenario, 3 (12): 618 - 634.