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Staff of Biotechnology and Microbiology

Photo Name Designation Area of Interest E-Mail address
Dr. Prof. R. Krishnamurthy Dr. Prof. R. Krishnamurthy Professor & Director; Dean Faculty of Science Plant Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Culture
Dr Meonis A. Pithawala Dr Meonis A. Pithawala Assistant Professor Biosciences (Animal science)
Prof. RajashekharIngalhalli Prof. Rajashekhar Ingalhalli Assistant Professor Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding
Dr. N. Amaresan Dr. N. Amaresan Assistant Professor Molecular Microbial Diversity (PGPR); Plant-Microbe Interactions (Phytoremediation, Bio-fortification, Biocontrol)
Dr. Mitesh Kumar Dwivedi Dr. Mitesh Kumar Dwivedi Assistant Professor Immunogenetics, Autoimmunity, Skin biology.
Dr Srivathsa Nallanchakravarthula Dr Srivathsa Nallanchakravarthula Assistant Professor Microbial ecology (bacteria and fungi), Plant microbe interactions, Biofumigation, Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF)
 Dr. Anoop Markande Dr. Anoop Markande Assistant Professor Microbial ecology ,Microbial biomolecules ,Bioremediation
Dr. Gopal jee Gopal Dr. Gopal jee Gopal Assistant Professor Type IV secretion system of Bacillus anthracis and Helicobacter pylori. Production of thera peutic protein(biosimmilars) so that it could be affordable to Indian population.
Dr. A. Sankaranarayanan Dr. A. Sankaranarayanan Assistant Professor Antimicrobial activity, Dielectrophoresis c
 Dr. Vijayalakshmi Ghosh Dr. Vijayalakshmi Ghosh Assistant Professor Nanoemulsions and microemulsions (Formulation and applications) Drug delivery systems
Rushikesh Joshi Dr. Rushikesh G. Joshi Assistant Professor Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Proteomics
Naga Rathna Supriya Dr. Naga Rathna Supriya .G Assistant Professor Microbiology
Mr. Rushabh Shah Mr. Rushabh Shah Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Uriita Sheth Ms. Uriita Sheth Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Mr. Prittesh Patel Mr. Prittesh Patel Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Mr. Bhrugesh P. Joshi Mr. Bhrugesh P. Joshi Teaching Assistant Bioinformatics
Mr. Harsh B. Desai Mr. Harsh B. Desai Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Amita Rathod Ms. Amita Rathod Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Shraddha Saha Ms. Shraddha Saha Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Shreya Desai Ms. Shreya Desai Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Sonal Vashi Ms. Sonal Vashi Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Swetal Patel Ms. Swetal Patel Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Jemisha Mistry Ms. Jemisha Mistry Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Vrutika Lad Ms. Vrutika Lad Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Ms. Avani Pandya Ms. Avani Pandya Teaching Assistant Biotechnology
Panchal Dixita Panchal Dixita Teaching Assistant Microbiology
Monika_Mehta Monika Mehta Teaching Assistant Biotechnology